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Thrishivaperur or Thrissur derived its name from Thiru-Shiva-Perur, the city of Lord Shiva. Thrissur known as the cultural capital of Kerala is a land well famous for Poorams. The rich heritage of Thrissur draws thousands of people every single year here. Thrissur is renowned for Thrissur Pooram and Pulikali with a festive atmosphere in the air. This district dwells several cultural centres like Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Kerala Kalamandalam, and the Sahitya Academy. Thrissur is a must watch place at least once in the life. The chenda beats that wanders here and there in Thrissur will help you to understand the trues spirit and heart of Kerala. There are lots of hotels in Thrissur because Thrissur is the land of foodies. Thrissur is embedded with varieties of flavours, take a deep look at its street food cuisines.

Parotta Beef Curry

If Laila is to Majnu, Shajahan is to Mumtaz, Juliet is to Romeo that is what Parotta is to Beef.

There won’t be a single Malayali who has not been tasted it. It’s the unofficial national food of Thrissur people. Dip a small piece in the gravy of beef along with some coconut pieces and a curry leaf. Take it straight to your mouth to make bursting with flavours of your tongue has never tasted before. If there is food heaven then this dish should be treated with more preference.

Kothu Parotta

The word Kothu means chopped. If you love to explore its varieties you can do it with Kothu egg parotta, veggie Kothu parotta, egg-chicken Kothu parotta etc. In Thrissur, it is a popular street food. If you are cautious about eating street foods then you can make it in your own style in you home or else almost every hotels in Thrissur town is now serving this dish as per the customer’s requirements. In Virudhunagar, the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu Kothu Parotta is their popular delicacy. Thrown on a hot cast-iron griddle lubricated with oil it is minced and mixed using a heavy iron spatula, the sound is heard from a long distance.

This food is a very famous roadside food available only in streets or in small roadside food shops. Food online Thrissur considers this dish for those people who hesitate to go to street food shops. In Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, it is very popular food. Mutton Kothu Parotta, beef Kothu Parotta are the favourites of this form. Kothu idli is also available in this recipe instead of Parotta.


Not only for the people of Thrissur but also for all Indians bajji is a favourite snack dish. It is street food which is widely available in hotels near Thrissur. In dhabas of Maharashtra and streets of Thrissur we can abundantly see the presence of this food. Mostly it is served with hot tea or coffee or any other soft drink.  For traditional Maharashtrian Hindu bajjis are the must dish for festival meals. With a piping hot cup of coffee or tea they are savoured during the rainy season. Chilli bajji, onion bajji, plantain bajji, potato bajji, cauliflower bajji, bread bajji, egg bajji etc are the common bajjis available in today’s market.


Thattu Dosa

It is the common recipe found in the home or in thattukada. This soft dosa will go well with coconut chutney or sambar. Its batter is somewhat loose than that of idlis. Usually, in the home it is a breakfast recipe but it is an any time meal in thattukada as well as in hotels in Thrissur city. Thattu Dosa is the most popular item on offer for all classes of Kerala society. As the sun goes down, benches, desks, and vantage positions on the roadsides are taken over by the wayside eateries. Usually, thattukada opens around 4pm and closes at 11pm. But there are many thattukada which works throughout complete midnight. In the past days, there wasn’t any proper disposal of waste, hand washing arrangements etc. But that’s no more now, wash basins are arranged for washing, instead of serving in plantains they shifted to butter papers placed on paper plates.

Egg Omelet

Egg Omelet is a very famous dish among thattukada foods. People order an omelet with every single dish if they are once at thattukada. No Malayali can avoid an omelet when they are at thattukada. Single, double omelets, triple omelets etc are available as per the requirement of the customer. It is the most tastiest dish of thattukada which cost less. Thattu dosa is accompanied with omelet to bring it a ne gen trend. It is the favourite food of people in all age categories.

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Kolli and Botti

Kappa or kolli is the local name of tapioca. Basically, kappa was considered as poor man’s food in Kerala. But now by knowing its everlasting taste people started experimenting with kappa. Kolli and botti are favourite among thousands of Malayalees. This is the authentic Kerala dish meant only in the streets of Kerala. Because of its high demand in today’s society, this dish is being served in different hotels in Thrissur Kerala.


Bondas are available in spicy and sweet variants. Sugiyan is also a form of bonda, which is available in small street shops. Potato bonda, mutta bonda, kada mutta bonda, tapioca or kolli bonda, masala bonda, sweet potato bonda, vegetable bonda, chicken bonda etc are a few other bondas available in Thrissur food delivery services. With fresh green peas and other finely chopped vegetables like French beans, carrot and coriander leaves vegetable bonda is a dish of Udupi cuisine. Maida (all purpose flour) made bonda originate from Karnataka in the name of Mangalore bonda. Restaurants in Thrissur mainly prefers bonda to accompany our snack time. It is good to accompany with hot sulaimani in the midst of a rain.


Sundal holds a special place in street food cuisine and everyone would have relished the joy of having this food with their close buddies. Enjoying Sundal along the beachside will bring an awesome experience. Yellow patani is the major ingredient for the major ingredient for this dish to bring its authentic taste.


A samosa is a baked pastry served with a delectable filling such as onions, peas, spiced potatoes, lentils, noodles, macaroni or with minced meat. It is claimed that samosa is originated from Tanzania. To make it rich pine nuts are also added into it. Samosa are now a common snack for Thrissur online food ordering. Usually to serve guests people prefer samosa in evening times. Changing into our own flavours it is considered as the traditional snack dish of Kerala. Its making wrappers are available in supermarkets so that people can easily grab it from there for fast preparation. In houses too we can make ready-made wrappers using maida (all purpose flour) and it can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

Parippu Vada, Uzhunnu Vada, Pazham Pori, Neyyappam

Parippu Vada, Uzhunnu Vada, Pazham Pori, Neyyappam are the authentic dishes of Kerala. Parippu Vada is the best combo with a sulaimani, especially in evenings. Top hotels in Thrissur comments these dishes are the heaven for both veg and non-veg lovers. Pazham Pori is made using ripen banana. Uzhunnu Vada is prepared using uzhunnu, Neyyappam is prepared using rice, sugar, jaggery and ghee, and Parippu Vada is prepared using vada parippu/ big dal.

Masala Dosa

Other than thattu dosa masala dosa is yet another favourite dish of Malayalee. Not even Malayalee it loved by all South Indians. It is mainly preferred as a breakfast dish. In normal large crispy dosa beetroot or potato, masala stuffings will be filled inside it. It is an ever wanting dish for all Thrissur food home delivery services.

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