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Kerala is known for its greenery and enchanting places throughout the state is also considered to be one of the ideal place for foodies. Its vast variety of foods in non-veg, as well as veg, gives a number of option to try out whenever you are in front of the food table. Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, also preserves its food culture and gives you a memorable treat whenever you are in the city. We are listing out few of the best food items of Thrissur which will surely miss once you are out Kerala

1. Vellayappam

Vellayappam is a soft pancake made from rice powder which will melt in your mouth. This is one of the famous dishes across India, however, if you want to try the purest version. Thrissur is the best place. Vellayappam in its soft and hottest version along with traditional veg stew or nonveg stew is the tastiest and healthiest options you will get across the country. You can find it in any nearby hotels in Thrissur town or the same can be ordered via online food app like Delicio which is known for its best service across Thrissur.

2. Puttu

Puttu is another rice delicacy from Kerala which is famous for its taste and healthy making. Puttu is made in a cylindrical tube which is cooked by steam generated water stored at the bottom.  Since Puttu is solely cooked from steam, this dish considered to be one of the healthiest breakfast dishes. Puttu goes well with traditional peas curry, raw banana, or even can eat without any side dish. However, over the time foodies experimented with puttu and now puttu goes with all the traditional dishes as well as chicken curry, egg curry, fish curry, tapioca dish, even many non-veg and veg dishes used stuff with puttu to make it more delicious. Puttu is available all over Thrissur or in any part of Kerala. To enjoy this steamy rice stick cake, get into any hotels near Thrissur or more conveniently book from a home Delivery Restaurants in Thrissur via online food app like Delicio.

3. Malabar Chicken/Mutton Biryani

One of the famous Kerala dishes across India is Malabar Chicken Biryani. A spicy non-veg authentic biryani which cooked with utmost care and with special spices satisfy your tummy from the first bite. Although it is an adaptation from Thrissur neighborhood Malappuram (earlier was part of Malabar) Thrissur also serves the dish to its purity and authenticity. When you are in Thrissur, you don’t have to travel to Malabar for a Malabar Chicken/Mutton Biryani. For experiencing this tasty dish you can search for best Biriyani in Thrissur in web and try out the nearby restaurant. However, a more convenient way to enjoy this biryani is to book the same via the online app and opt for biryani home delivery in Thrissur. Why hassle in a restaurant when you have the facility to eat the same dish at home.

4. Thalassery Dum Biryani

When biryani become a topic, Thalassery Dum Biryani cannot be ignored. Inspired from its brother Malabar Biryani, it also rich with traditional spices and authentic taste, However, the difference in rice and few spices gives Thalassery Dum Biryani another experience from Malabar one. There are still cold debates about which one is better. However, taste differs from person to person. We leave it up to you to experience them and decide that who won your heart. Just like Malabar biriyani, Thalassery also has high demand in Thrissur, hence easily available near to you. However, when you opt for biriyani delivery services in Thrissur via the online app, let say Delicio. you can look at the review, select the best restaurant and enjoy your Thalassery Dum Biryani via biriyani delivery services in Thrissur.

5. Porotta

Although the name looks like a long distance relative of ‘Paratha’ from the north, it has nothing to do with original paratha. Porotta is purely made of maida and it’s making itself a visual treat. Porotta is crisper than dosa or vellayappam, however, it goes well with any side dishes specially non-veg items. Porotta and beef curry considered to be Kerala’s most liked and common food. In recent years porotta also traveled to other states and now gaining more attention at national level. However, you will have to enter Kerala for experiencing the real porotta. Since porotta is so common, you can even go to any of the nearest hotel or restaurant regardless of their standard. Most convenient way always is to opt for food ordering services in Thrissur and enjoy the essence of porotta and your favorite curry in your home.

6. Karimeen Fry.

Fish and Kerala are never gonna walk apart. Facing almost half of its boundary with Arabian sea and blessed with 44 rivers, Kerala bound to have a lot of fish food. There are many fish dishes, however, an average Malayali would always recommend an outsider to try Karimeen Fry. Karimeen is a river fish which is hard to find yet full of taste considered to be a luxury fish item and normally cook in any festivals like Christmas, Eid, Vishu etc. Good thing is, reputed hotels in Thrissur do supply Karimeen fry in all available season so tourists don’t need to wait for next festival. Rather than finding a hotel and try this dish there, open Delicio app which is the best food delivery services near Thrissur and order karimeen Fry and your favorite dishes.

7. Sadhya

Probably the most enquired food of Kerala is Sadhya. Sadhya is a part of Kerala’s tradition. Consist of more than 15 veg dishes on an average Sadhya stands out from all other famous Kerala dishes. The style of its presentation itself makes many of non-Malayalees curious. Sadhya is a dish consist of an average 15 veg dishes and rice served in a banana leaf. Although same traditions are followed in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, the taste and number of Kerala dishes differ drastically from other states which give Kerala an edge over them. It also shows, how Kerala is so rich in both veg and nonveg items. India being the biggest vegetarians living country, Kerala would be a preferred choice for vegetarians to ensure they don’t face any food-related issues. Although Sadhya is occasional, Hotels do prepare meals with fewer dishes which gives you a glimpse of actual sadhya. Sadhya mostly prefer to eat at the hotel, however, via ‘Deliciothe Best Food Ordering Service in Thrissur’ can order sadhya to your home and enjoy its taste in a limited way.

8. Kappa Dish

Tapioca, widely known as kappa in Kerala is a root vegetable, yet used as a delicious food item in kerala. Tapioca dish made with normal spices consider being a spicy dish and famous among locals. Those who like a bit spicy dishes, do try tapioca dish. If need, can ask the cook to reduce the spice. Tapioca dish also uses as a side dish for puttu, vellayappam, etc. Tapioca dish is mostly available in normal restaurants, however, it always better to check online via food apps to see the availability. Most convenient way to taste this rare delicacy is to use delicio food delivery services by booking via delicio online app

9. Pazhampori

Pazhampori is basically a banana fried in maida batter. This is a simple yet most popular snack in Kerala. Since Malayalees are all around the world, Pazhampori becomes very popular and available in Malayalee populated areas. However, the real taste of an authentic pazhampori can only experience inside Kerala. Thrissur is one district which still cook one of the best pazhampori. Be it from a roadside stall or from a reputed hotel, you can easily experience this simple dish. With the power of online app delicio food delivery services, you can easily order Pazhampori to your home and enjoy the delicacy with your family and friends.

10. Dosa

Dosa is a widely eaten breakfast item in India. However, Thrissur does have a history of experimenting with dosa and taking this simple dish to a next level. Dosa is made from rice and peas mixed batter and cooked in a frying pan like vellayappam. However, compare to vellayappam dosa taste more crisp and thin. Most widely known variety of Dosa is Masala dosa which served with potato dry curry inside a normal dosa. However, from these 2 varieties, Thrissur took dosa to another level by inventing, egg dosa, chicken dosa, tomato dosa, vegetable dosa, etc. All these variety dosas are served with small bowls of coconut chutney and sambar. There are a lot of famous outlets in Thrissur who serve such varieties of dosa. Delicio’s ‘breakfast online booking services’ in Thrissur can be used to book a table in such restaurants to enjoy the innovative dosa dishes.


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