Mouth-Watering South Indian Non-Vegetarian Dishes

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South India has moved from idlis and dosa to various spicy non-vegetarian delicacies. South India is flooded with non-vegans more than vegans. There are lots of options on non-veg cuisines. We will leave in a state of shock if we take its complete list. Majority hotels in Thrissur town are dominated by meat dishes. Based on the sample registration baseline survey South India showed a rapid increase in non-vegetarians history. With an average of 98.7% Telangana stands at the top, Andhra Pradesh follows with 98.25%, followed by Tamil Nadu 97.65%, and Kerala, God’s own country is not so far, it follows Tamil Nadu by an average of 97%. As meat has always been an integral part of diets, Southern States have a rich culinary history. Go through a few famous non-veg cuisines of South India.

  • Fish Molee

It is very famous in Kerala. It is not as spicy as traditional Kerala recipes, basically, a fish stew made with coconut milk. The whole stew is dominated by the flavor of fish. A Kerala style cooked fish mole goes well with chapatis, bread, and appam. With an amazing scenery of green fields all around and huge coconut trees, Alleppey in Kerala is the capital of heaven. Chakka Varuthathu, Pazham Pori, Fish Molee are a few awesome dishes to taste. Coconut oil mixed dishes are always amazing to taste.

  • Special Chettinad Chicken

Named for its unique way of cooking, Chettinad Chicken is a famous dish from Tamil Nadu which is marinated with spices and then cooked until it is tender and super juicy. The taste of this chicken is authentic and homely to make the foodies experience well. To give a wholesome taste, Chettinad chicken is blended well with pepper and masala.

  • Kerala Karimeen Fry

Pearl-spotted fish or Karimeen is a sought-after delicacy of Kerala. After marinating the fish it is fried on a low flame until it attains a deep red hue. Marination is done with red chilies, lemon juice, spices, salt, oil etc. It is an exotic Kerala dish found very common in Kerala backwaters. This dish is available throughout the best hotels in Thrissur Kerala but in varying taste. The authentic Syrian Christian delicacy soon became the part of Kerala’s rich cuisine. Now, not even a single holiday can be enjoyed without Karimeen fry.

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  • Kerala Chicken Roast

Refrigerated marinated chicken is roasted or fried in low flame until golden brown and then cooked with coconut milk and vegetables until the gravy becomes thick. This is a must-have delicacy which is native to Kerala. With a series of natural spices, the chicken roast is a typical and traditional styled chicken roast. It blends well with rice dishes, chapati, roti, naan, and paratha as well. It is paired with flavorful onion and a pinch of lemon juice adds extra special zing to the dish. It is a comfort food with minimal effort. To reflect a natural healthy lifestyle, Thrissur home delivery services add vinegar during the cooking process. Vinegar improves the flavor of food, preserve the food, and even make food better.

  • Yummy Squid Fry

In Kerala seafood is not second to none. Hotels in Thrissur round prepare squid fry by cutting the squid into rings, marinating and frying it until it is golden brown. Fishes, turtles, jellyfishes, squids, turtles won’t let you get bored, rather it will bring a tangy taste in your mouth. In Kerala, delivery restaurants in Thrissur call squid roast as Koonthal roast or Kanava roast. It is spicy but quite relaxing dish even on a hot summer afternoon.

  • Nadan Ayala Curry

Mackerel fish curry or Ayala curry is a unique fish curry from Kerala. To absorb all the flavor the fish is cooked in a clay pot in every best non-veg restaurants in Thrissur. With the blend of spices and sourness, Ayala curry is named as perfect. Kudampuli is the main ingredient added in all nadan curries to bring the traditional touch to the curry. Mackerel is a healthy fish that has a lot of health benefits such as omega 3 and some vitamin E. Ayala curry is the one among the favourite dishes of Keralites.

  • Prawns Kuzhambu

This is another delicacy from Tamil Nadu. The soft meat of prawn gives a flavor which is rich in taste, an irresistible recipe is a perfect example of the typical “heat” of South Indian cuisine. If you are an expert in cooking non-veg then you must ty prawns kuzhambu which goes very well with idli, dosa, and rice too. Baby prawns too will add great flavors. Jumbo prawn or usual prawn both make good sense in taste.

  • Payyoli Chicken Fry

It becomes tastier, the darker and crispier it becomes. Near North Malabar coast of Kerala, this recipe is a signature dish at roadside restaurants in Thrissur. The spices added in it makes it more special whereas its cooking is very simple. Marinating with dried red chilies and flavorful spices the chicken is deep fried in coconut oil and served with spicy and crispy fried coconut, green chilies, and curry leaves.

  • Naadan Crab Masala

This is an exceptional, really tasty seafood delicacy of Kerala. Until the shell turns orange, hotels near Thrissur cook the crab in masala and local spices. It really worth if you take some effort to break the shell and eat. In Kerala, it is one among the popular dish of toddy shop. This is a  fragrant medley of spices and really aromatic dish for all crazy crab lovers. You will crave for more and more if you just try it once.

  • Malabar Chicken

With some rotis and bread, this is best to serve for lunch or dinner. Top hotels in Thrissur pair chicken with onions, spices, and coconut in this spicy and delicious Malabar curry. In the Southwestern part of Kerala, there are some regions which are predominantly populated by Muslims, Christians, and Hindus. But, in overall this Malayali seafood cuisine is a predominant cuisine among all.

  • Chicken Ghee Roast

Kundapura masala and the flavor of ghee take away this Mangalorean dish from the kitchen to one hottest selling and most loved dishes of the cuisine. Food order online in Thrissur comments that chicken ghee roast has found its way to pubs, five -star hotels, and small hole-in-the-wall joints. This dish originated in the Mangalorean Bunt community which overlaps Hindu, Muslim, and Christian cultures. The chicken used for this is marinated using turmeric powder, chilies, curd, salts, onions, fennel seeds, a mix of Byadgi and Kashmiri chilies, curry leaves, and a drop of lemon. Instead of chicken, some vegetarian restaurant in Thrissur substitute paneer and make paneer ghee roast.

  • Meen Thala Curry

It is well know said among the circles of toddy shop. In every part of Kerala, thala curry is very famous in toddy shappu/ kallu shappu and also it has high demand in many hotels in Thrissur city. Usually, really hot and spicy food is served with toddy, a mildly alcoholic beverage made from the sap of palm trees. So this nadan thala curry will blend really well with toddy as well as rice. It can be considered for lunch, dinner, and even for breakfast for non-veg lovers. One cannot resist their carvings and the taste buds start tingling if you come across its way being served.


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