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Even though breakfast is widely accepted as the most important meal of the day, its funny to hear always ‘No’ when you enquired with someone whether he/she had breakfast before leaving for work. Your body increases hunger and you end up eating more during the next meal if you miss the most important meal of the day. Your immune system will take a serious hit and leaves your body with no resistance if you are doing this on regular basis. Yourself feel the difference by taking at least a five minutes every morning to prepare a healthy breakfast. If interested take up the courage to try any of the protein-rich breakfast dishes among those from any hotels in Thrissur.

Egg Paratha

You can have a high protein twist in your regular parathas by adding an egg in it. Best hotels in Thrissur Kerala either prepare egg bhurji as the fillings for your paratha. Also, you can opt for just cracking an egg over the frying pan and allow the flat bread on its top. It also goes well with egg curry or coconut chutney too. It is an easy dish for kids to have without making a mess and it is a perfect dish for filling your kids lunch box or snacks box. To keep your kid fully energetic for a long time, top up the parathas with cheese and eggs. Not only kids friendly it also sounds better relation with moms because it is an easy dish to be prepared in the morning.

Oats Idli

Oats may not be a dish which is liked by everyone but instead of trying it directly breakfast home delivery in Thrissur switch over to oats idli, oats upma etc. It is a wholesome and healthy breakfast. It is said so because oats have the ability to control blood sugar levels. Oats is enriched with various qualities like it provides important minerals, they are naturally gluten free, it also helps you to reduce weight and also reduces cholesterol and controls blood sugar level. Oats rich in soluble and insoluble fibres is a great relief for those people who are suffering with chronic constipation.

Scrambled Eggs with Chicken Sausages

This is one of the dishes which contains everything you need for a high protein breakfast. With a single touch of some seasoning along with fried chicken sausages in bare minimum oil is a much-awaited dish in breakfast online booking services in Thrissur which is really good to taste. It’s healthy plus super filling which can be prepared in many different ways. Egg yolks aid critical micronutrients and fats that benefit muscle strength, muscle strength etc while egg whites are a high-quality source of protein. Chicken scramble sausage is very simple, colorful, and delicious dish.

Soya Uttapam

No one is willing to make compromise in health in today’s world, and soya food has become a healthy choice around the world for every delivery restaurants in Thrissur. Actually, soya is a protein-rich legumes that belong to the family of the pea plant. For oil and food products we use the majority of soya beans. Soyas are now available in wide varieties and color. Including soya beans in your breakfast can enhance the protein quotient in your diet because beans are rich amino acids, fiber, and nutrients. Some won’t like the flavor or taste of soya beans so those ones can opt dishes like soya uttapam made with flour that is rich in protein and low in fat in their breakfast.

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Chickpea Fritters

This delicious homemade pancake is high protein for all the calorie conscious people. This is an ultimate healthy snack which has the ability to compromise any meal. They are embedded with a beautiful plant-based protein. This is one of the best advisable dish of good restaurants in Thrissur for all vegetarians. Pairing chickpeas with a simple salad will make the meal complete for lunch home delivery in Thrissur. This is a complete sugar-free, pure, nutrition-packed option for every age groups. This dish can be preferred by all those with hell busy lifestyle.  

Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie  

Within a period of five minutes and an ingredient pack of three items hotels in Thrissur round get your delicious and cold apple chia seeds smoothie ready. Some apples blended with chia seeds, creamy yogurt, and peanut butter is enough to make this delicious concoction. As it is rich in protein you mustn’t skip this important meal on a busy morning or else have it when your stomach kicks hunger. It will help you feel full and happy.

Kerala Palappam

Palappam is a reserved and most popular food in Kerala breakfast recipes. These have a texture of white lacy pancake with fluffy touch in center, and a crispy side with an airy. It uses the minimal ingredient and usually is served with a wide range of side dishes like Kerala egg curry, egg roast, sweetened coconut milk, chicken stew, vegetable stew, kadala curry, kuruma, or chutney. Some of the benefits associated with palappam are that it restores intestinal flora, stops morning sickness in pregnant women, helps in digestion.

Idli along with sambar and chutney

Idli is one of the main south Indian breakfast recipes. As they are cooked in steam they are less in calories and fat which are the great sources of increasing weight. To take up the advantages of steamed idli, it should be cooked in proper manner. Is should be made with urad dal and rice for proper digestion. Moreover, it is difficult to digest when made with a large quantity of rice. They are a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamin, proteins, and fibres, a good nutritious food. Top hotels in Thrissur also prefer whole wheat idlis for reducing weight and also it is better for diabetes.


Puttu is named as the most healthy breakfast in the world because this steamed rice cake is high healthy food. It is a traditional breakfast where you can find everywhere in Kerala. The color and taste of puttu depend upon the used rice flour. Its best combination is with banana but now wide varieties are accompanied with puttu like kadala curry, pappadam, black gram curry, fish curry etc. The main reason for choosing puttu for breakfast is because it a steamed food without oils and its combination together makes carbohydrates and protein rich diet that makes you active throughout the day.

Masala Dosa

Most restaurants in Thrissur start a day with a scrumptious dosa and keep up the pace to finish all your chores. It is a versatile dish with many healthy options. Dosa provides your body the energy needed to carry out various functions and it is a rich and healthy source of carbohydrates. It supplies moderate amounts of protein to your body and make your body your muscles and bones stronger. Dosa which is extremely appetizing and relatively light is a healthy choice to overcome obesity. High saturated fat increases the risk of heart diseases, so dosa is a healthy option which contains very less saturated fat.

Vegetable Upma

Finely ground and coarsely ground varieties of rava are the substances obtained by grinding wheat. Other than roti rava is also used to make upma in south India. Rava is a mixture of fibre, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and some minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and zinc. Fibre content in rava will provide a smooth functioning to your kidney. Vegetable upma mixed with varieties of vegetables is one among the food which has great move in vegetarian restaurants in Thrissur.

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