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With exploding and aromatic flavour biryanis is a wholesome meal you should never miss in life. Every country has its own variation and takes on this classic dish. Some might be tangy some might be not but they are all worth sampling. Indian festivals are incomplete without a delicious biryani. When it comes deeply to this royal dish India has a wide variety to choose from. Here is the list of some of the top delicious biryani available in the Delicio, a foodie app with all best restaurants in Thrissur.

  • Thalassery Biryani

This biryani acclaims from the Malabar region specifically Kerala. The sweet and spicy variation of biryani in this region is as plentiful and diverse as the cultures and ethnic groups within. They make use of indigenous biryani rice called Jeerakasala or Khyma for preparing biryani. Biryani delivery services in Thrissur never make use of traditional basmati rice for making Thalassery Biryani. This biriyani is enriched with other ingredients like meat or chicken, Malabar spices, fried onions, sauteed cashews, fennel seeds, and raisins. This is Prepared by cooking Khyma and meat separately and it is mixed together at the time of serving.

  • Hyderabadi Biryani

It is presumed that this biryani has been originated from the kitchen of the Hyderabad’s Nizam. Pakki(cooked) and Kacchi(raw) are the two different types of Hyderabadi biryani for biryani online booking services in Thrissur. For Pakki Hyderabadi biryani, biryani and meat are cooked separately and they are layered together after completing the cooking process. Basmati is the rice used for Hyderabadi biryani. Whereas Kacchi Hyderabadi biryani is made from raw chicken or lamb which is placed between the layers of basmati rice. Kacchi rice is infused with onions, saffron, and dried fruits. Over charcoal, both are slow-cooked in a dough sealed earthen pot. This is done to make the biryani rich in aroma and punch. You will be treated with either variant of Hyderabadi biryani if you go out for a meal with a local in Hyderabad.

  • Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknow Biryani is also known as Awadhi biryani. It stands out due to its cooking style is known as dum pukht. Here the chicken or meat is partially cooked separately from the rice flavoured with star anise saffron, and cinnamon. In a deep-bottomed vessel, both the meat and rice are layered together and cooked for hours until its flavours deeply penetrate. The final result will a soft Lucknow Biryani with mild flavours.

  • Calcutta Biryani

From the name itself, it is very clear that this rice has been originated from Kolkata. It has pedigree drawing back to the Awadhi style biryani of Lucknow. With a tinge of sweetness and more sparing use of spices, it is cooked with light yellow rice layered with yoghurt-based meat, soft boiled eggs and potatoes. Saffron, nutmeg, and kewra lend a soothing aroma to the biryani prepared in best hotels in Thrissur.

  • Bombay Biryani

Bombay biryani is a quality trip to Mumbai. It can be made using mutton or chicken or vegetables, kewra water(water from screwpine), fried and spiced potatoes, and dried plums. This all along will make the flavour specifically aromatic, tangy, and sweet.

  • Sindhi Biryani

This dish originated from Sindhi now a part of Pakistan. This is made from the bountiful use of roasted spices, mint and coriander leaves, chopped chillies, roasted spices, onions, nuts, dried fruits and sour yoghurt. This all flavours contribute to the piquant and aromatic flavour. Plums are potatoes make perfect when added to this biryani.

  • Kalyani Biryani

This is commonly termed as the poor man’s Hyderabadi biryani. It is originated from the Bidar city of Karnataka. Comprising of buffalo meat and an array of spices, tomatoes and coriander this biryani is tangy and flavourful. It doesn’t have any ingredients of popular Hyderabadi biryani but the taste and pleasant aroma remain the same in all top hotels in Thrissur.

Biryani delivery services in Thrissur

  • Dindigul Biryani

This is an ever-popular dish that is found across several Chennai outlets. Derived from curd and lemon it is strong and tangy in flavour. Here jeera samba rice is mixed with cube sized meat along with pepper providing it with a full-on zesty flavour.

  • Ambur Biryani

When visiting Tamil Nadu, Ambur biryani should be missed anyhow. Similar to other biryanis this one also has chicken or mutton. But the way in which the meat prepare make its special from other. Flavoured with coriander and mint the meat is soaked in the curd. Later the meat is added to the cooked jeera samba rice along with other spices. Relishing with Ennai Kathirikkai and Brinjal curry is every biryani lovers delight in top restaurants in Thrissur.

  • Tehri Biryani

Actually, traditional biryani is made from meat but Tehri is quite different from all, it is served without meat. At the Mughal court, the legend has it that this biryani was created for the vegetarian Hindu bookkeepers. Since then this dish became popular among the vegetarians across the North Indian region and also it is a high demand dish in the top vegetarian restaurants in Thrissur. Making the taste relish and hearty Thrissur home delivery make this dish comprises of carrots, potatoes, several veggies and an array of spices.

  • Malabar Biryani

Malabar biryani is very famous in Kozhikode, Thalassery, and Malappuram districts of Kerala. A variety of unique Khyma rice is used for preparing this biryani. Spices, cashews and raisins impart the richness to his dish. Chefs use different cooking style and unique spices for preparing this biryani. Rice and mutton or chicken are cooked separately. Mixing is done only at the time of serving. Thrissur online delivery services receive the highest order in every season for this dish. This remains as golden-feather among the biryanis.

  • Kolkata Biryani

It is the new Nawabi style biryani of Lucknow. This signature recipe arises from the chefs of Awadhi Kitchen of Kolkata. Later it got plucked into the unique Kolkata biryani that we know today. Due to the addition of spices combined with ghee, basmati rice, and mutton this dish is unique from all other. Best non-veg restaurants in Thrissur add boiled eggs and potatoes to the biryani to add more flavour and nutmeg along with saffron and kewra adds aroma and pungent smell.

  • Bhatkali Biryani

This has been originated from the coastal areas of Karnataka from the Nawayath Muslim community Bhatkal. It stands a step back in considering spice level yet it possesses the right amount of flavour. In the layered format, they use lots of green chillies and onions in their cooking style. Similar to Ambur biryani, in this biryani mutton and chicken pieces are cooked in curd and this ultimately ends up in less spice.

  • Middle Eastern Biryani

The Middle East and East have many similarities in the cuisines. Biryanis and kebabs are very common in both places. Than the Indian versions, the Middle East Biryani popular in Iraq, Bahrain and other Arab states have a stronger saffron base.

  • Sri Lankan Biryani

In olden days when the Tamils migrated from India to Sri Lanka, they took away the recipe of biryani with them. Buhari’s was the first shop who sold biryani in Colombo. Thus this spicy biryani pretends to be known as ‘buryani’.

  • Mughlai biryani

This biryani is an alteration from the kitchens of the Mughal empire. This unique recipe of cooking meat and rice that is rich in spices is the contribution of Persian kings. Delhi and its neighbouring areas serve the best Mughal biryani in this modern India.

  • Kuzhi Mandi Biryani

Mandi is an Arabic name. This dish is very popular in Arabian Peninsula, Levant, Egypt, Turkey, a Malabar region of Kerala, Gulf nations, Bhatkal, Karnataka and also in areas around Hyderabad etc. Young and small chicken or mutton is being used to enhance its taste. This biryani is the combination of chicken, rice and the mixture various spices. Biryani home delivery in Thrissur cooks the meat for this biryani in Tandoor, a hole in the ground. During festivals, Eid, weddings and feasts Delicio food delivery services in Thrissur deliver this dish in the major areas of Thrissur.

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