15 Yummy North Indian Traditional Foods

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Fusion of different cultures, lifestyles, and traditions is what truly defines India, its a land portrayed by its diversity. Along with the diversity of climate, wildlife and vegetation food too has equal diversity. Indians are fond of talking about foods. We, Keralites are food lovers who always wander around the best hotels in Thrissur. A single thought of food can keep you away from a boring meeting. Every country boasts of a unique delicacy because the cuisine of each region is influenced by its history and climate. We use to say that good food will always end up in a good talk. Likewise, lifelong friendships sometimes start with a cup of tea. Don’t close your eyes or mouth when you are in front of a mouth-flattering food in any of the best hotels in Thrissur town. Without further fuss let’s explore the palatable and rich North Indian dishes you can opt for.

1. Awadhi Biryani

The aroma of Awadhi biryani has the ability to attract even people other than rice lovers. You will definitely walk towards it if your taste buds strike with it. Also, you can’t never stop having it once you go with it. Awadhi biryani is a feast in itself with the combination of long grained Basmati rice and the tenderly cooked meat (or vegetables). Hotels in Thrissur serve this hot with a simple raita(curd).

2. Chole Bhature

What sounds better than a crispy fried Bhature and spicy gravy prepared with chole and chickpeas to gorge the agony of desire. You can take this simple dish to a whole another level by adding a bit of butter and a zip of lemon juice to the prepared gravy. A slice of pickle along with onions will make a better sense with this luscious dish. Emerging from the North-western part of the country, dish Chole Bhature has spread its fame and favoritism among millions across the length and breadth of the country.

3. Naan/Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti and Naan have become a fundamental part of the Indian victuals. Naan is a thick flat bread comprising of a mix of wheat flour and refined flour while Rumali Roti is thin flatbread made with unmellowed wheat flour dough. It is the most awaiting dish in the online food booking services in Thrissur.  The dough will be mixed with a leavening agent and the Naan is cooked in a tandoor an earthen oven. Here too a touch of butter will give the Naan a soft moist texture,, and also it tastes much better when eaten with spicy gravy. In a similar way, Rumali Roti which is cooked on the convex side of tava is delivered hot along with a good gravy.

4. Chicken Butter Masala/Murgh Makhani

What is better than the spicy and yummy Chicken Butter Masala to consume along with Rumali Roti or Naan. This is much move item in best non-veg restaurants in Thrissur. The unique flavor of Kasuri methi and or fenugreek leaves blend with the chicken cooked in butter till tender is the dream for all non-vegetarians. Kashmiri chili powder adds a tantalizing color to the dish. The gravy is an infusion of different spices and finally is mixed with fresh cream. This mouth-watering dish is never enough to satisfy the prickling taste buds and leaves you to remain long for more.

5. Litti Chokha

The mincing smokey litti smashed potato and brinjal bharta is another delicacy from North India that will leave you starving for more. This is made using wheat flour dough and sealed by the stuffing made with sattu or powdered gram, chilies and achari masala. The litti is served with chokha and chutney once it is ready on an earthen stove. A few hotels in Thrissur city prefers to serve litti with a small amount of ghee.

6. Baingan Bharta

This dish favorite during the chilly winters. This is a simple North Indian dish which can be enjoyed with the help of roti or rice. The brinjal is tacked with mustard oil and then grilled over earthen stove using firewood or coal or else it is grilled over the red-hot smoking charcoal by the restaurants in Thrissur. The smoky aroma of the freshly roasted aubergine is an exciting sight. One will be surely fascinated when seen bharta garnished with onions and chilies.  

7. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Kashmiri Dum Aloo is a vegetarian delicacy from the mystic valley of Kashmir, though the Kashmiri cuisine is predominated by the use of meat. To impart a piquant flavor to the dish baby potatoes are cooked in a concoction of spices and deep fried till golden brown.  The powder of the dried Kashmiri chilies or chili peppers (degi mirch) is the main ingredient used in this authentic dish. But the chilly is done away in another popular version and it is replaced by a paste made out of cashew nuts or watermelon seeds (magaj).

8. Tandoori Chicken/Tikka Masala

Tandoor is originated from Punjab which is cooked or baked in a cylindrical clay oven. Several tandoori dishes have evolved from its initiation and have found the direct way into the kitchens of good hotels in Thrissur and constantly to our hearts. Roasted chicken or tandoori chicken is the among the tandoori delicacies which are marinated in curd and basted with a melange of spices including Cayenne pepper and red chili powder. Another grilled dish that has become famous during festivities or family get-togethers are chicken tikka masala or paneer tikka masala.

9. Parathas

Now, parathas have become much famous in Kerala cuisines. But later a Punjabi breakfast, lunch, and dinner were incomplete without parathas. Savored with a pickle or curd a thin flatbread is a healthy dish for the meal. Plenty stuffing of parathas makes it more delicious and amazing. The stuffing can be chosen according to the needy. Gobi, aloo, methi, onion, paneer, muli, or even chicken are the varieties available for stuffing in all good restaurants in Thrissur.

10. Rajma Chawal

Nothing will stand aside a piping hot plate of Rajma Chawal. Rajma is rich in iron and protein. Red-kidney beans or rajma accompanied with bread or rice makes a complete meal for the entire family. Overnight soaked rajma is so cooked in simmering gravy to soak the beans in the conglomeration of masalas. Adding a dab of fresh cream to the sauce can take the dish to another level.

11. Papad Ki Sabji

From the name itself, it is clear the dish is crispy. A fried or roasted papad has the potential to alter the taste of an entire meal. It can also stand as a defender over deciding the menu for the evening or for the famished and fussy kids. Mainly, for this reason, many food delivery service in Thrissur provides papad along with their ordered dish. The papad can be served along with the roti or rice. Some support the gravy prepared with curd.

12. Sarson Ka Saag/Makki Ki Roti

These are the dishes which brings the complete flavors of Punjab on a plate. Sarson Ka Saag is a delicacy prepared with the tender stems of mustard leaves while Makki Ki Roti is a flatbread made with corn flour dough, a combination made in heaven. Ginger, onion, garlic used in the concoction is used to balance the pungent aroma of mustard. In its native Punjab, the dish is served hot along with a piece of jaggery.

13. Rogan Josh/Laal Maans

The Rogan Josh, a staple of Kashmiri cuisine is a must try dish for those who like to experiment with spicy food. Other than the astonishing taste the main thing which attracts you this dish is its aroma of blended spices. Rajasthani Laal Maans is another option for spice lovers. The curd is used to balance the sharpness of chilies for mutton laced with flavors of hot spices.

14. Dal Bati Churma

It is a typical dish of Rajasthan. A miscellany of pulses is used to prepare the dal accompanied by bati. It is made up of wheat flour dough and baked in an earthen or brick stove using coal or firewood. Charma is sweet dish prepared with wheat flour, and Rava deep in ghee. To make it healthy and pretty cashews and almonds are added with it.

15. Lassi

Originating from the land of five rivers, Lassi, a traditional refreshment provides relief from the scorching summers. Drinks of yogurt blended water and spices are best enjoyed in a kulhad. Fruit flavored lassi, traditional sweet lassi, and salty lassi are the options from which you can opt with. If you are brave enough you can even try with bhang, a cannabis extract of lassi.

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